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No matter which package you choose, you can count on our team of experts to provide top-notch support and help you get the most out of our CRM software

Instead of having their system operate around them, as some other suppliers do, ProjexCRM listened to our needs and tailored it to meet them. Customer support is outstanding, you can always get in touch with a live person who will listen to your issue and determine how the system can assist rather than confusing you with technical terms. They helped us get a CRM that works with both our website and our invoicing system, making it accessible to all members of the company.
Mike Wylie
Director - PaintNation
The platform has a low learning curve and is easy to use. We are currently moving our Support team onto it and using it for marketing. Everyone has been satisfied with it thus far. With analytics, you can provide executive reports that are visually appealing. I've used the most widely used CRM for a long time, but ProjexCRM is better overall. Their knowledge and blogs are replete with practical advice, showcasing their knowledge. If a team decides to use this as their all-in-one company platform, they won't be let down!
Laurence Moore
Head of Projects - IGR Construction
Easy to use and comprehend. The greatest CRM I've ever used? ProjexCRM knowledge-based articles and 1 to 1 training enabled me to swiftly pick up all the knowledge I required. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3 to store and access our business data with ProjexCRM! Additionally, support responds quickly. I'm thrilled to be working with the ProjexCRM team, and I suggest it to everyone I know.
David Hyman
Director - A1 Caravan Upholstery

Our Pricing Guide

ProjexCRM’s primary goal is to offer your business top-tier CRM services at the most affordable rates. We’ve designed our pricing structure to ensure that you get the best value while also ensuring that we can maintain the high-quality service you expect.
  1. Base Cost for Users: Every package has a base cost covering user access to our platform. This base pricing is the £22.50 per user rate you see. It ensures that every user gets our CRM’s full suite of features and benefits.
  1. Hosting & Security Fees: As the number of users in a company increases, the amount of data and the demand on our servers also grow. We’ve incorporated a percentage system to maintain optimal performance and security and ensure regular maintenance. This fee isn’t just a random figure; it’s our way of ensuring that as your team grows, the quality of service you receive remains consistent.
  1. Why the Percentage System?: Instead of a flat fee, we’ve chosen a percentage system for hosting and security fees. This approach ensures fairness. Smaller teams won’t be overburdened with high costs, while larger teams, which naturally require more resources, contribute a bit more. It’s our way of balancing affordability with the realities of hosting and cybersecurity demands.
  1. Transparency is Key: Our pricing might seem slightly different at first glance. But rest assured, it’s designed with your best interests in mind. We’re always here to answer any questions and ensure you’re confident in the value you’re getting.
Remember, with ProjexCRM, you’re not just getting a CRM tool; you’re investing in a solution that’s secure, reliable, and backed by a dedicated team committed to your success.


Starting At

£99 £49
Per Month

Maximum of 2 Users

Pricing includes hosting,
security, maintenance and support.
What's Included?
Comparing this package with our competitorS, you will save £2,520


Starting At

Per Month

Maximum of 5 Users

Pricing includes hosting,
security, maintenance and support.
What's Included?
Comparing this package with our competitorS, you will save £4,392


Starting At

Per Month

Maximum of 10 Users

Pricing includes hosting,
security, maintenance and support.
What's Included?
Comparing this package with our competitorS, you will save £9,372

Easily Position Your Leads...

…by seamlessly capturing, assigning, and positioning your lead statuses with ProjexCRMs Kan Ban Chart feature. 

Our CRM provides Lead Segmentation and Alerts that allow the assigned Customer Representative to understand where the lead came from and their current status to continue the lead nurturing process.

Allowing you to keep track of your lead condition with little fuss with automated lead statuses in your tool belt.

Allowing you to keep track of where your leads are coming from, whether it is your main website, or Google Ads landing page!

Do not miss out on potential customers or clients this year!

Use Lead Statuses and Lead Sources to identify any communication, tasks or advert performance blockades!

See Contacts at a Glance...

Demo of ProjexCRM | ProjexCRM's Contact Management

…and experience the simplicity and effectiveness of managing your relationships directly from our CRM.

With just a quick look, you can access:

  • Comprehensive Overview: A streamlined view of all your contacts, emphasising those relevant to each customer.
  • Efficient Management: Simplify operations and enhance customer engagement with intuitive navigation.
  • Optimised Tasks: Stay connected and proactive with features designed for your day-to-day needs.

Whether you want to enhance customer engagement or optimise your day-to-day tasks, our contact management solution puts everything you need at your fingertips, making it easier to stay connected and proactive.

Manage Customers at Your Fingertips...

…with Customer Management having a multitude of features.

These features include adding new or importing existing customers, seemingly allowing easy migration from one CRM to another!

Demo of ProjexCRM | ProjexCRM's Customer Management

Integrations within ProjexCRM ....

Image showing different company featuring ProjexCRM and Zapier.

Web Integration

Web to Lead enables our clients to integrate an embedded form onto your website with ease. The highly customisable form is great for getting inbound leads, with lead source, status and notification configuration.


Instead of relying on complex RestAPI calls, Zapier offers a user-friendly and visual way to connect your CRM system with external forms and automate tasks between them. Be mindful that Zapier is a third-party company and of Zapier's Service costs.

eMail Integration

ProjexCRM supports eMail integration with a wide range of functions. These functions involve: lead fetching, eMail support, and outgoing eMail methods with SMTP, Microsoft OAuth 2.0, Gmail Auth 2.0, Sendmail and Mail support.

RestAPI Service

RestAPI is available to link external forms to different components of the CRM. RestAPI allows control of most parts of the CRM, allowing for automation and integration with other platforms. The RestAPI could help leverage other use cases you wish to implement to the CRM system to optimise your workflow.

Payment Gateways

We currently support ten payment gateways, PayPal, StripeCheckout, and BrainTree being our most popular! Invoice your client, and they can choose whether to pay through cash (can be disabled), cheque, or by card, bringing accessible online payments to you and your clientele.

Take Control of Tasks and Projects...

…by our comprehensive built-in project management. The project management feature is great for keeping customer reps in check on the status of each task to maximise your customer support quality!

If you use external Project Management systems, you can easily use one of the integration methods shown above, which will help keep your projects synchronised to your CRM, creating a centralised system for your business!

Easily set tasks for each member of your team, including clock in-out times, logged hours, customer billing, and deadline dates!

Demo of ProjexCRM | ProjexCRM's Project Management

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