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PaintNation Automotive Repairs Completely Revamped Its Business With ProjexCRM

PaintNation updated its whole business’s sales approach with the help of ProjexCRM’s sales tools. They now concentrate on the highest-quality leads and provide a flawless customer experience.

100% Commited

PaintNation has multiple teams using ProjexCRM.

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PaintNation now has sales funnels

No More Lost Leads

PaintNation has replaced pen and

About PaintNation

In 2011, PaintNation began as a bespoke paint business. Over the course of four years, they acquired renowned clients, including riders from the Isle of Man TT and the British Super Bike Championship. They aimed to grow and adapt their fine craftsmanship to vehicle repairs at the start of 2020. Since then, they have grown significantly and are eager to keep growing and learning.

Industry: Car Body Repair

Company Size: Small (2-5 Employees)

Location: Manchester

Reason For ProjexCRM:

  • Help keep track of sales
  • Boost sales
  • Manage teams

Before finding ProjexCRM, we were writing everything down in a diary, which we all had to share. We looked at a shared calendar, which led us to look for a CRM. We looked at a few, like HubSpot and Salesforce, but they were way out of our budget, and the free version didn't feel free.

Mike Wylie


A Team Without Direction

PaintNation dealt with leads as they came in over the phone, via WhatsApp, or via email. Fortunately for PaintNation they had a lot of SEO work completed on their main website and are ranking highly in all areas they service, so having to find leads isn’t an issue.

The team would write each lead into their Excel sheet and reach out to potential clients. Once a contact has been reached and a date has been set for a consultation, the team will have to write out the lead in the paper diary.

Entering contact information in their diary required a lot of repetitive steps, and the repair team struggled to find information when speaking to the customers.

Sending out invoices and getting invoices paid once the work has been completed was a stressful time. Mike says, “Once our work is completed, we have to rely on the customer either logging into their bank and transferring the money to our account or paying cash, which added another task to our busy schedule. We still accept cash, but sending an invoice from our CRM platform means the customer can pay through the CRM to our account. It makes us look a bit more professional. Which is always nice.”.

The team relied a lot on good customer faith.

New Insights To Grow

The inability to get personalised reports and dashboards for forecasting and planning was the biggest problem for the team.

According to Mike, “We weren’t able to track leads through robust deal stages, and we couldn’t personalise how we viewed or filtered our data.”

In order to support their next phase of growth, PaintNation realised it was necessary to locate a more effective, enterprise-grade sales and marketing solution.

Choosing ProjexCRM

PaintNation chose ProjexCRM as part of its strategy to improve the sales process and establish more fruitful connections with clients.

“ProjexCRM shone for us by visualising our pipeline,” adds Mike. “We were able to locate leads with a promising income path, communicate that information to every member of our team, and establish a smooth connection with them.”

It took two weeks to implement and train PaintNation’s team. 

Bringing Teams Together With Strength

ProjexCRM has made it possible for the teams in charge of sales, customer service, operations, marketing, and finance to work together seamlessly.

According to Mike, “ProjexCRM’s pipeline has been crucial in enabling us to provide a flawless customer experience. When the sales team discovers a qualified lead, they close a deal. The customer service team has kept every client happy since implementing ProjexCRM.”

“It is imperative that precise information be disseminated throughout all of our divisions. The best way to accomplish it, in our opinion, is with ProjexCRM,” Mike states.

Improved Productivity

PaintNation has automated the majority of its low-value processes with the help of ProjexCRM sales and marketing workflows.

“You don’t want your salespeople wasting their time on administrative tasks,” explains Mike. “Our contact information is instantly entered into the company record with ProjexCRM, and we construct our nurturing messages directly within the platform by utilising templates that are kept within the sequences.

The representatives are spending more time pleasing their leads and acquiring new business because there is no need for repetitive data input, manual email production, or complicated tracking of sales activity. The desire of the salesperson to utilise the technology is what matters most to me,” adds Mike.

A Solution That Everyone Adores

Mike states, “Having a unique dashboard is really easy and saves us a lot of time in reference to leadership. For instance, I am able to see all of the leads that a salesperson has and give them to another representative to help manage time more effectively. I didn’t have to export and re-upload the data or open each entry by hand. The mechanism makes it very simple to transfer data around.”

The customer service team is very grateful for the ease of access to account data.

Mike states, “We use ProjexCRM on a daily basis as our source for precise account information. Since everyone can see what’s going on for every customer.”

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