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ProjexCRM Simplifies the Difficult Things

Request a demo, and we’ll demonstrate how letting the platform handle the job allows you to automate everything, expedite anything, and anticipate what will happen next.

Reduce Intensive Work

Automate business operations such as customer onboarding, assisted selling, and more.

No More Roadblocks

In order to achieve your SLAs, assist your sales team in generating income at a rapid pace, scaling up, and expediting service procedures.

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Trusted By Small and Large businesses

ProjexCRM Advantages


Increase in sale conversion


Reduction for team workloads


Increase in team production

ProjexCRM Your Business In Your Fingertips

Lead nurturing at its best

Easily view and access new leads through ProjexCRM. Convert new leads to customers with ease.

All your important data at one glance

See all of your leads, outstanding invoices, paid invoices, tasks, projects and much more from the dashboard.

All your customers in one place

No more searching through those many Excel sheets or sticky notes. Easily access every customer and everything to do with their account.

Intuitive invoicing

Create professional emails and allow customers to pay through the customer portal allowing you to track invoices with ease.

In-depth Reporting

Our reporting system allows you to see all new leads, when your busy days are, where your leads are coming from and so much more.

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