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Let Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Teams Collaborate at Last

The Exciting Features Of ProjexCRM

Comprehensive Invoicing System

Create invoices and take payments through the ProjexCRM software. All of your payments in one place.

Strong Cloud Architecture

Working with the best hosting providers and cybersecurity firms in the UK and US, you can put you mind at ease knowing your data is safe.

Team Management Integration

Connect all your internal teams and allow everyone to see and manage their own tasks.

Time-Awareness Logging

ProjexCRM can track everything, users logging in/out, completed and working on tasks. Customers accepting proposals and paying invoices.

Discover The Full CRM Solution By ProjexCRM

Make the correct pipeline and feed the funnel when you use the marketing automation software designed for marketing mavericks. Make campaigns, interact with people one-on-one at scale, anticipate requirements, and recognise successful strategies. You may let the platform do the job when you use Market.

Select the sales force automation software designed for today’s sales warriors to shorten your sales cycle and boost your win rate. Manage the pipeline, contact clients, concentrate on the appropriate prospects, and finalise agreements. You may let the platform handle the job when you use Sell. ‏

Selecting the customer service platform designed for customer service heroes can help you improve customer experiences, keep customers, and spur development. Listen to consumers, empower staff, fulfil commitments, and engage with them on their terms. You may delegate tasks to the platform while using Serve.‏

ProjexCRM is a cloud CRM and is fully customisable although you don’t have total control over the technological stack. Our development team works with your team to ensure the CRM is working it’s best for your business. We can also implement more solutions if they are required.

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